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Destroy an AT-AT with TOW cable Star Wars Battlefront

Cover your Tow-Cable round the AT-AT’s thighs in Walker Assault!

The Imperial AT-AT in Battlefront crushes the Rebellion using its laser beam cannons and a damaging Orbital Strike. Among these towering behemoths provides Empire an enormous benefit in Star Wars Assault, gradually stomping its way over the battlefield while obliterating enemies in its damaging path.

Fortunately the AT-AT is vulnerable to Tow-Cables. Like the iconic scene inside the Empire Strikes Back, Rebels piloting Snowspeeders can encircle the AT-AT while wrapping cables around its legs. Succeed and you will bring the sucker down.

Doing this requires skill plus some patience. You need to become acquainted with the Snowspeeder control buttons and complete the Tow-Cable mini-game. There is also other Imperials to cope with. They don’t take too kindly to viewing their biggest edge under attack.


The Snowspeeder Tow-Cable is the vehicle’s awesome ability. Get near the AT-AT and press LB + RB on Xbox One or L1 + R1 on the PlayStation 4 when you start to see the on-screen prompt. Doing this brings about a vertical club with an Airspeeder icon showing up on the display. You intend to carefully tilt the right analog stay and right down to keep this icon within the club up. In case the icon is white you’re performing a proper job. It’s red the Tow-Cable will detach momentarily.

There’s still more to do! Take note of of the four dots on the departed. With each successful lap a dot converts blue, and the vertical pub shrinks, making maintaining your icon within range tougher. Turn the fourth dot blue and the AT-AT will decrease, but don’t make the rookie mistake of taking the hands from the controls. Pull back again to stop your Snowspeeder from slamming in to the frozen tundra.

Destroying an AT-AT is straightforward in safe conditions relatively, but you’ll cope with different factors, enemy fire to begin with. There is a great chance the Imperials will begin to gang up on you. Also, an AT-AT near a pile or wall membrane poses an issue since you will have trouble making successful laps.

Tow this beast.

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Towing Games by GTA

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Towing games by Grand Theft Auto games refer to games that have towing activity. Towing activity means to pull an object with the aid of a vehicle such as a trailer. Grand Auto Theft games are the first to market towing games where semi-trailer trucks pull other trailers.

How to play?

Playing the game is very simple. To get your vehicle attached to trailer you will have to go in front of the trailer till the camera is set with the hauler and trailer. The action will confirm on completion. When pulling a trailer there will be lower level of performance for the vehicle that is pulling it, since there is extra weight for pulling of the vehicle. There is precision needed for steering too because the resulting vehicle has increased in size too! GTA 2 has three forms of trailers in it. One of them is basically used in the gameplay. Truck Cab and Truck Cab SX are semi-trailer trucks that are capable of pulling and getting attached to trailers. It is an interesting game where the players can attach and detach from the trailers by the attack button. Playing this action packed game is fun because the trailers may catch fire, or get damaged thus posing a danger for the player who is pulling the trailer.

Tow Truck Silhouette

An interesting towing game

GTA san Andreas is a very exciting towing game. The mechanics to get attached to the truck and pulling it are almost the same. One variation is that the trailers may get detached from the semi-trailer truck if one jumps ion very high speed or the road is rough. The suspensions are rigid due to which the game becomes even more challenging. On physical force the trailer may move off from the pulling truck. But they are sturdier and can sustain the blow of a Rhino that can dislodge other trailers. Another variation is that there is no single button operation for detaching. To add to the impact of the game, there are three other semi-trailer trucks. They are called the line runner, the tanker and the Road train. The game also has advanced varieties of vehicles like for example the Tow Truck has an adjustable boom at the rear end that gives it capability to draw another large vehicle. The Tractor is equipped with the tow hitch to pull small vehicles. Similarly the Utility van can pull small hauls by its tow hitch. The trailers too are advanced.

 Some of them cannot be attached singularly; there is a need of a third party intervention. All the trailers will blast if they are seriously damaged or turn over. The trailers have many other peculiarities. They have headlights as well as taillights that will turn on in the dark. They will also emit smoke if they are damaged. Specialised trailers include harvesters that get attached to a tractor. Their motion is simply like the farm trailers. Another kind of specialised trailer is shaped in form of a fuel tank with the logo of Xoomer on it. Similarly trailers carrying solids are also there that have open tops!

The Lost and Damned is also one of the towing games that are very exciting!

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Towing Games as Stress Buster

Towing games are fun to play. If a person thinks of towing in real life then they tend to get irritated because towing is needed when the car breaks down or if there is some or other problem due to which the car is not moving but towing games are different than that of real towing and hence, any player will love this game. There are people who love to play games but they don’t like to play games that are artificial in nature, they like to play games that have real life experience and towing games are for such people only.

Towing games by GTA

Types of towing games

There are various types and it is really difficult and impossible to list all the types. Few of the types  are as follows:

  1. Many towing games are based on the theme that cars are being stuck in a region from where they cannot come out so there are tow trucks that help these vehicles come out of that situation. So the player will have to save maximum number of cars to score points. Generally, the player gets three chances and hence, they can slip off or miss for three times.
  2. Many of thm provide aerial view and the player has to drop the towed cars at proper places and if the vehicle is not dropped at proper place then they lose one chance. Towing games in which the player has to drop the cars at proper places allows the player to take three chances and such games are considered to be tougher than that of other towing games.
  3. One of the most popular and old form of towing games is driving a truck, car or jeep. The player has to drive a truck, car or jeep in between other vehicles; the other vehicles tend to do rash driving and hence, it is the player’s responsibility to safeguard their vehicle and reach the destination safely. Such games also have two players; in two players, one player attacks and disturbs the other so that they can win the game.

Why play Towing games?

There are few reasons behind playing towing games and few of them are as follows: –

  1. When a person starts with towing game, they might think that it’s easy to play but once they start moving ahead, they will realize the difficulty associated with the game.
  2. If a person is mentally stressed out then they should play towing games because it require 100% concentration and hence, this will allow the person to relieve the stress and enjoy the game to the fullest.
  3. It allows the person to gain real life experience. There are certain things that a person might have never known while driving their vehicle but they can learn small and interesting tricks that can protect the player’s vehicle in real life too.

There are many towing games available over the internet; a person who is willing to play just needs to check the different games and choose the one that best matches their requirement.